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The present lockdown offers an excellent opportunity for Hindu students throughout the UK to study Hinduism at a higher level than GCSE. Until now Hindu students have been forced to study Christianity and Islam

(or Judaism) as part of their Religious Studies in their schools. They can now join our e-learning course which will lead to 'O' level qualification which is a higher qualification than GCSE. When their schools re-open they can opt-out of studying GCSE in Christianity & Islam.

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We encourage all parents and students above the age of 13 to take this opportunity and join this free e-learning course we are offering.

This is an e-learning course so there is no deadline regarding when to join. The course can be studied at one's own pace.  Modules 1 to 8 offer Basics of Hinduism.  After finishing the study of Module 8 the student has the option of sitting for a test set by Hindu Academy. Successful students will be awarded an e-certificate with grades by Hindu Academy. Further study of Modules 9 and 10 of this course will prepare the students to be ready for 'O' level Qualification offered by the Cambridge Board. These written examinations can be taken at Cambridge University-approved examination centres worldwide.

Just to be clear, this free Hinduism course can be taken by anyone of any age, in any part of the world. It offers structured, comprehensive, rational study of Hinduism leading to accreditation by Hindu Academy (and Cambridge board if needed). Encourage others to join as it will empower them about their faith  


" Thank you for such a wonderful course. I can sum up the value of this course as , what my 27 years of Education including Phd failed to make me understand ,this * module course made me understand..thats the beauty of our Sanatan Dharma.

Thanks to Dr J Lakahni and team."

- Rahul Verma-

Hindu Academy

“Hindu Academy aims to promote Comprehensive and Rational vision of Hinduism incorporating ideas of Religious Pluralism, Spiritual Humanism and resonance between Science and Spirituality. It operates with the education establishments by working with schools colleges and universities as well as in the mainstream media”


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